By Amy Ryan
Updated September 07, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
The Wire: Paul Schiraldi

If you’re not already a fan of The Wire, you’re probably tired of hearing PopWatch and others shill for it (our own Gillian Flynn gives the new season an A+), or maybe you’ve already given up any hope of getting up to speed on the show’s dense plotting and large cast of characters before Season 4 premieres on Sunday (starring Jim True-Frost, pictured). But you still have a chance this weekend, even if you don’t have the DVDs of the first three seasons, as long as you have HBO On Demand. Listed under ”The Wire Re-Up,” the video-on-demand channel has three ”Wire Tap” shows, each of which summarizes an entire season in just seven or eight minutes. Also showing are all 12 episodes from Season 3. Except for ”Wire Tap 1,” these shows will all be gone by Sunday, so cancel all your weekend plans now.