By Michael Slezak
Updated September 06, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
Rupert Grint, Julie Walters, ...

Either I’m in a really good mood, or this trio of trailers looks pretty promising. Agree? Disagree? All must be revealed in the comments section below.

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“>Driving Lessons
(Oct. 13) There appears to be life after Harry Potter, at least for Rupert Grint, who headlines what looks like a supercute dramedy about a teenager who gets a job assisting a difficult British actress of a certain age. (Come to think of it, aren’t all British actresses of a certain age pretty difficult — at least in the movies?) Julie Walters leaves nothing but the skin over the bones of the scenery, but to be fair, the role kind of calls for it.

D.O.A.: Dead or Alive (Oct. 20) We don’t have Sydney Bristow to kick bad guys around anymore, so we’ll have to settle for Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki, Holly Valance, and Sarah Carter doing the same in this videogame adaptation from director Corey Yuen (The Transporter). Any film in which a heroine can simultaneously put on her bra and pistol-whip a perp can’t be all bad, can it?

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(TBD) It’s your basic on-the-run-from-a-Mafia-hitman thriller, classed up by an Oscar-nominated director (Shakespeare in Love‘s John Madden) and a very watchable cast including Diane Lane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, and a very scary Mickey Rourke. I’m a little worried the trailer gives away every gunshot in the script, but several instances of Lane-Rourke faceoff looked pretty tense nonetheless.