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”Weeds”: Nancy discovers her secret identity

Sure, an alias is practical (and I mean in general — the name Lacy LaPlante leaves something to be desired in the I’m-a-Canadian-soccer-mom department), but the biggest benefit is all in Nancy’s head. Trying to talk the customer-service woman (side note: scariest stare ever) into accepting her phony Canadian ID, you see Nancy snap into character when she senses she’s not going to get her way. Most any well-bred suburbanite would smile, apologize, plead — but Nancy in Lacy mode cuts her eyes right back and pulls out the my-husband-is-on-a-ventilator story. Maybe it’s not a ruthless gangster move, but it’s progress. ”Lacy is…badass!” Nancy tells Conrad with a giddiness bordering on hysteria.

Yet overall, Nancy is more calm in this episode than ever before. Eerily calm. Chilled out enough to pat the bearded cheek of a guy whose IMDB credits include playing ”Grizzled Human” on Star Trek: Enterprise and to tell him to keep the pot-growing equipment coming — threats from the rival Armenian dealer be damned. ”There’s always problems,” Nancy coos. ”And there’s always solutions.” This from a gal who couldn’t stop herself from puking when Peter told her he knew she was a dealer. But will Nancy respond so placidly to the news that Megan is pregnant? Can Mrs. Botwin keep her cool as well as Mrs. LaPlante? Mom Nancy, secretly married Nancy, and Mary Jane Dealer can try to coexist, but one has to be the boss. (Not that this is a democracy or anything, but let’s take a vote.)

Before this Weeds Watch becomes an MLP love-fest, I don’t want the other characters to think I’m neglecting them (although I realize that this is probably not keeping them up at night). Scenes sans Nancy ranged from delightful (watching Dean get fired really was like watching a Cadbury egg jump up and down with rage) to disconcerting (good grief, Uncle Andy). I do, however, appreciate the contrast between Andy’s silly bravado in front of his nephews and his palpable terror of Yael and her sexual frankness.

Until next time, what do you think? Does Isabelle have a future as a plus-size model? Where is Sanjay? And if a loved one said you were shaped like a Cadbury product, which one would you prefer it to be?

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