By Scott Brown
Updated September 05, 2006 at 10:30 PM EDT

So now, the BBC series Manchild will come to Showtime, establishing another Brit beachhead in Yank tellydom. Manchild is best known to American nerds as that thing Anthony Stewart Head did after Buffy; it’s also been described as the male Sex and the City (give or take a mid-life crisis). Head’s sleepily libidinous divorcee was the best thing about it, in my opinion.

We’ve gotten used to American television morphing inexorably into BBC 5: Migrants include The Office, American Idol, countless reality/game shows, and soon, Life on Mars and, oddly, Little Britain. We’ve accepted that American writers and producers have, it would seem, no new, original ideas. Only one question remains: What shall we plunder next? Surely, we’re running out of British shows to ape. (Dare we hope for a remake of The Thick of It set in the U.S. House of Representatives?) Herewith, my suggestions:

1. Eastenders Nothing says “America!” like London’s East End. Though traditionally, U.S. viewers like a little more weaponry with their lower-middle-class malaise.

2. Match of the Day: Live! The challenge will be keeping today’s Brazil v. Wales game fresh by the time it’s been recast and reshot in the Meadowlands.

3. National Lottery Results Though it will be difficult finding an American actor to match the smolder of In It to Win It host Dale Winton.

4. BBC Parliament Dick Wolf is all over this one. Get ready for Law and Order: Parliament. Two houses. One prime minister. Dozens of potential sex scandals.

So… anything else, Anglophile PopWatchers? Does the Beeb have anything left in it, or have we picked its bones clean? And what, in your opinion, is too British to Americanize?