Supernatural: The Complete First Season

Translating horror flicks into serialized drama isn’t easy. Problem numero uno is the inherent knowledge of who’ll prevail (the resident heroes, of course, because the show must go on). That (non-)spoiler aside, Supernatural: The Complete First Season still comes off as weekly installments of a horror movie series, right down to fangs materializing in the mouth of a vampire and Bloody Mary eerily inhabiting mirrors. Then there’s the never-ending parade of mutants, running the freaky gamut from an electrically charged asylum doctor to a Wendigo, a long-dead cannibal with hunting skills that rival Orion’s.

The honorable Winchester brothers — heartthrobs Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) — annihilate all of the above on their mission to track down their dad (an often disturbing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played heartbreaker Denny in Grey’s Anatomy). Besides their crazed father, and more importantly, the pair is tracking the demon who killed Sam’s girlfriend and their mother. The storylines are far-fetched, sure, but loosely based on ”truths” — swiping from urban legends like the Hook Man — which makes them all the more fun. Adding to the show’s cred are the ’67 Chevy Impala the boys rumble around in and their kick-ass soundtrack, which borrows old school tunes from Radiohead and Van Halen.

EXTRAS There are loads of them. ”We were inspired by features,” snaps producer Peter Johnson in a making-of documentary, citing Poltergeist, An American Werewolf in London and Evil Dead as inspirations. We learn that the Winchester brothers are appropriately based off Star Wars‘ saviors Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Rooting out the demon wreaking havoc on their lives, it seems, is the duo’s Princess Leia prize. Producers additionally fill us in on the importance of the soundtrack (any show for the teen audience these days requires off-the-chain music) and gush about the guys’ sexy ride. Padalecki and Ackles speak up here, too, but the real-life goofballs are better hamming it up in the on-set ”Day in the Life” featurette, as they show viewers where they put on what could be considered their ”battle make-up.”

Supernatural: The Complete First Season
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