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Prison Break

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”Prison Break”: Fooling the feds

It’s now week 3 of Prison Break, and Lincoln and Michael seem to be getting the hang of life on the lam — and yet a part of me is still back on the tarmac in the season 1 finale, wondering how those boys will ever make a clean break with so many cops breathing down their necks. New season, new locales, and no hint of the imminent capture that we were left with only a few months ago. Yeah, I know what you’re saying — water under the bridge now (replaced by a blown-up car filled with bagged — and bloody — rump roasts!). But it’s these nagging little details that have made Break somewhat unnerving so far.

Take, for instance, Michael’s post-prison plans. Now I can certainly wrap my arms around the notion that Michael methodically planned the ins and outs of the actual prison break before ever seeing the inside of the courtroom, but I’m also expected to believe he went that extra mile to tattoo the exact number of the highway where he’d hit the brakes, veer right, and push his car over a bridge during week 1 of his escape? And he’d do it in a car that was especially retrofitted to blow when it hit some oldies rock station? Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Scheuring. I’d prefer this sexy convict to be less prepared and a lot more like MacGyver as he runs from the feds; I think he’s got it in him. (He knew, for instance, to sprinkle cayenne pepper on Lincoln’s shot-up knee, didn’t he?) Now that Agent Mahone and his fellow feds seem to think that Linc and Michael are dead, I do hope we’re going to see the brothers fly by the seat of the pants that they wear so well. On to Utah, men!

Meanwhile, Sucre is letting his heart do the navigating. Homeboy rings up an old buddy in New York and steals an El Camino to get there, only to find out that his beloved Maricruz is on her way to Vegas to marry that rat fink Hector. So Sucre borrows his buddy’s motorcycle and is now riding to the city of lost wages. Elsewhere, a lovesick C-Note — who shrewdly assumed that the feds were listening in on his call — calls his wife and speaks of a special rendezvous in the ”Rainbow Room,” which leaves the authorities thinking he’s going to New York when in reality he was just talking about his daughter’s bedroom. But does his wife really want that tearful reunion? The episode ended with her meeting with a female fed. And in some city, Sarah cops to her bad drug habit at a mandatory group-therapy session where Agent Kellerman (you evil jerk! I missed you) is going undercover as a fellow recovering junkie so he can keep an eye on Michael’s accomplice.

That leaves us with…Bellick. Now out of work and in sore need of a life (dude still lives with Mommy!), Bellick forms an unlikely partnership with the former prison guard who got him fired in the first place — the ruddy-faced Geary. Bellick cons one of his ex-colleagues to let him ”interrogate” Sucre’s fat cousin, who gives him just enough information to know where and when to find Michael. The episode ends with Bellick and Geary right on his tail. Seems Michael’s little brunette confection led Bellick right to him.

So far, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of one of last season’s major players — i.e., newly installed president Caroline Reynolds (played by the beguiling Patricia Wettig). I’m not holding my breath — Wettig has already signed on as a regular on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, which means she’s not available for regular work on Break — but I would like to get back to the whole conspiracy behind Lincoln’s incarceration and see lots more scenes with Kellerman. I do hope Veronica didn’t die in vain.

So what do you think? Has this season already got your blood pumping? Does Michael seem a little too prepared for life outside the pokey? Are you hoping Sucre makes it to the church on time?

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