Danielle and Chicken George, the week's two ''Big Brother'' evictees, talk about what it's like to get iced by Will and Boogie. (By the way, Bob Barker, watch your back!)

By Josh Wolk
Updated September 01, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

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Danielle Hendrix entered the house without a friend and was nearly evicted in week 1. But one of the craftiest players in Big Brother history climbed her way back and nearly made it all the way from underdog to top dog, until she became the umpteenth victim of a Chill Town betrayal. Will they never learn?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You were furious with Erika for breaking her word and putting you up for eviction. Considering that this entire house is built on a foundation of broken promises, do you think it’s unfair to hold her to a higher standard of honesty? (Mind you, ”higher standard” is relative.)
DANIELLE HENDRIX: I guess for game reasons, no, it’s not fair. But you have to understand that when James left, I went to Erika [to make a pact], and I’m just a very loyal person. And people don’t know that Erika came to me earlier in the game and said, ”Listen, I’ll be your Jason, and you’ll be my Jack.” I cherished that, and I always thought she was gonna work with me, and I had her back, and for her not to do that, I was taken aback. Right now, in retrospect, I understand it’s a game, but at that moment I was completely hurt.

Do you think it was a good move for her?
It all depends. If she gets in the final two, it’s a good move. But I was gonna move mountains to make sure she got to the final two. If I had won HOH the week she won, I was gonna nominate Chill Town. I wouldn’t have blinked twice.

If Will and Mike hadn’t turned on James, would your allegiance to the Legion of Doom have taken precedence over your pact with Erika?
Absolutely. Because I never made that commitment to Erika until James left. My commitment was to the Legion and James. That was my goal. And I considered us to be the final four, and I expected it to be a gentleman’s game, and we were gonna play real hard, and let the best person win.

A gentleman’s game? Have you met Chill Town? Everyone knows they’re liars, and yet they’re still there. How do they do it?
Will is the puppet master. He’s tall, he’s good-looking, he’s educated, he’s charismatic. And he can do stuff to people and say, ”I’m sorry,” and people are supposed to forgive him and move on. He and Mike have that influence on people. I don’t know why they’re still in the game. Of course, I’m responsible. I kept them in the game because I had an alliance with them. But…ugh, I just wish I would have won that HOH. I was gonna turn that game upside down. They would not have expected it.

When Will and Mike assured you they were keeping you this week, did you ever believe them?
I could tell just by looking at them that they were lying through their teeth. I even looked at Will and said, ”Look, gamer to gamer, man, just tell me.” He said, ”No, no, you’re safe.” Will does have a tell. He does this nod and this long blink, and I went, ”Oh, he’s lying.” And then Boogie said, ”You know, Will kind of made me nervous,” and I went, ugh, these guys are lying, and I knew I was done. That’s why when they asked me if I had any last words to say, I knew I was gone, and I just asked them to reconsider.

Has anyone’s ”last words” before eviction ever affected anyone’s vote?
I know. It’s like, why bother? I think people’s minds are pretty much made up. I was very sincere in my last, ”Please keep me in here,” and they couldn’t, and that’s fine. It is a game.

You were friendly with James before this season started. Did you have a pre-alliance?
I really didn’t. A lot of people think we did. I knew that he most likely had alliances with his people in season 6, so my thing was [before the show started], I kept denying, denying, denying that I was gonna do All-Stars.

So when other BB alums called you, you said you weren’t going to play?
Right. Because I didn’t want people to start preparing to kick me out. Plus, it prevented people from trying to form alliances with me, because they figured I wasn’t doing the show, therefore I was kept out of the loop on a lot of things. I wanted to walk in guilt free. I didn’t want to have any prearranged alliances.

But couldn’t that hurt you if everyone else came into the house already teamed up?
That’s true, but things change. I knew people were going to form alliances, but you didn’t know what the game would entail, you didn’t know who was going to actually make it into the house, so for you to form an alliance so early and say this is how we’re going to do it, that’s premature. You have to wait and see how people act in a stressful situation, how friendships may develop, how enemies may develop. It’s really in your best interest to come into the house without any alliance.

The final four are essentially two couples. Do you think it’s a disadvantage to play this game as a married person, which eliminates flirting as a strategy?
I don’t know. I’m thankful to be married. I guess if I was single and I was gorgeous and had a hot body, I probably would have used that to my advantage, too. But speaking from a woman’s point of view, I prefer to be known as someone who’s smart and who used strategy than someone who used my good looks or my sexuality to get further in the game. That’s just me. When you look at past reality shows, and past winners, that’s the gist. Women are either supposed to be this young sexy thing and win it, or quiet coattail riders. I like a woman to win this show that’s just balls-out playing the game hard and smart.

Does it frustrate you that flirty behavior keeps getting rewarded?
It kind of does. But it’s just what society deems women…when you’re a woman who’s strategic, conniving, scumbagging, you’re considered a bitch. But when a guy does it, oh, he’s a mastermind. It’s just sad that that’s the way society perceives women. But I prefer to be known as a strategic player than to be known for this vixen, dolly, cutesy, sexy woman that got my way through whatever, through flirting with people.

I gotta ask you: When did the term ”scumbagging” become part of Big Brother vernacular?
Do you know how that started? Roddy, season 3. He called it scumbagging. Marcellas and I used it a lot in our season, and we used it in All-Stars, and everybody picked it up. It’s just terminology for when you’re gonna stab someone in the back.

How did you change your strategy from season 3’s?
Perception is part of the game, let’s face it. So yes, I did a lot of deceiving, but at the same time it was important to me that whoever went home, I wanted to be respectful. I tried not to attack people personally.

In season 3, it was the evicted contestants seeing all your trash talk about them in the diary room that lost you the game.
Yeah, that and the live feeds, and people who saw them influencing the ex-houseguests’ votes. This time, I don’t know….When Erika said, ”Everyone’s scared to death of you, no one can beat you in the end,” it was a slap in the face. Damn! I gotta go stab somebody or slap somebody!

Other than winning more HOH’s, is there anything you could have done differently that might have kept you in the house longer?
I don’t think I could have done anything differently. A lot of people said you knew Chill Town was gonna do this or that, but Chill Town kept me in the game longer than I needed to be. They threw that POV for me, we worked together, we got Will to do some conniving, so it really helped me get far in the game. I’m not gonna curse my blessings.

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