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By EW Staff
Updated September 01, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Bond’s Stock
I’ve been interested in Daniel Craig ever since I saw him in Minette Walters’ The Ice House on Mystery!. That was long before Layer Cake and Bond. So I was pretty pleased to see him on the cover! He carries the duality of human nature (knowing the good and the bad) not only in his eyes, but in his whole posture. His originality is a perfect match for what this new Bond film is supposed to be about.
April M. Tavener

I really liked the six different Bond covers (Fall Movie Preview) and the other headlines like ”Is Madonna Over? 10 Reasons We Love Sheena Easton More,” ”Jon Voight and that ‘Gay’ Cowboy Movie.” But the best one by far is ”’I’m More Than a Head in a Box’: Seven Star Gwyneth Paltrow Talks.” Funny stuff.
Thomas J. Markart
Elmhurst, N.Y.

How I loved the execution on your multiple Bond covers. From the price of the issue, to the design and font choices, to the story bullets — you’ve honored the Bond tradition in an artful style. Now, if I could only renew my subscription at the 1963 rate, I’d be over the moon.
Katie Daniel
Harvie Heights, Alberta

Am I the only one who thinks Daniel Craig will be a fantastic James Bond? I understand that Bond fans don’t want their guy messed with, but did they not see the last few movies? What the Bond franchise needs is exactly what Craig will bring to it: an air of credibility. His work in Munich and fantastic performance in Layer Cake point to a serious actor with the ability to keep a picture grounded in realism while handling intense action. I cannot wait to see Craig turn the franchise around.
Smith Getterman
Hewitt, Tex.

‘Star’ Quality
Are you kidding, comparing Rock Star: Supernova to American Idol (Television)? Cheesy band name aside, the contestants on Rock Star can sing circles around AI‘s wannabes. And Tommy Lee? As Rock Star‘s resident hatchet man, he shows genuine sorrow at sending folks home — unlike Simon Cowell.
Tammy Seidick
Walnutport, Pa.

Dirrty Talk
Christina Aguilera has cleaned up her act some (Music), but the ”Ain’t No Other Man” video still shows scantily clad women writhing on the floor. Aguilera has made it clear she enjoys having sex appeal, so let’s not overdo it by saying she’s become respectable.
Scotia McKinlay
London, Ontario

The Good Shepherd will be released by Universal. Poker legend Doyle Brunson coached Eric Bana for his role in Lucky You (Fall Movie Preview).

Number of readers who think Daniel Craig bears more than a passing resemblance to Russian president Vladimir Putin

Number of readers who disagreed with our negative TV review of Rock Star: Supernova


Say what you like about Daniel Craig as James Bond: Robert Wilson of Baton Rouge is a fan. ”Your cover story spurred me back to the source — Ian Fleming,” he writes, citing the author’s own descriptions (”a dark, clean-cut face”) of 007. After studying pictures of the actor, Wilson states ”he has the closest resemblance to what I have always imagined Bond to look like.” From Louisiana with love.