Angela, the latest ''Project Runway'' ejectee, defends her sense of style and tells the story of her battles with Jeffrey
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Project Runway fans and Angela Keslar herself were pretty much expecting the designer to get the boot this week. She had suffered some flack from the judges (and the blogs) for her spacey creations and early affinity for the bubble skirt, as well as some attitude from fellow designer Jeffrey Sebelia, who made her mom cry during the ”everyday woman” challenge. We talked to Angela the day the finale aired (Aug. 30) about what she would say to Jeffrey now, and why she kept pushing her rosettes in the face of criticism.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before we talk about clothes or the show, I have to ask: Did they at least let you stay in Paris for a little while, or was it — boom! — right back to the airport?

ANGELA KESLAR: You know what? They put me up in the coolest hotel, called the Cube. It was amazing: They had this bar that was made out of ice, and you could only be there for 30 minutes. I didn’t get to spend visitor time in Paris, but I went out in style for sure. The next day I flew out, after an incredible breakfast. I’m a big food person, so I was very happy.

What was the plane ride back like? Were you thinking over the entire experience?

You know what? I couldn’t wait to get home. I was so looking forward to going home. I pretty much gave up after the mom episode. I didn’t want to be on Project Runway anymore. I was really upset with the producers for not kicking Jeffrey off for how he treated my mother — and of course I know I’m biased, and it was ridiculous to think that they should do that — but I just didn’t care anymore, I was broken. I was just glad to get out of there.

Did the elimination still hurt, though, because it came from guest judge Catherine Malandrino, a designer you respect?

Oh, yeah. When Tim said her name, I was like, ”Oh, no.” And I knew I was going to get kicked off. But you know what? Everything that happened, I don’t know why, but I’ve just accepted it and moved on. Nothing, like, damaged me or scarred me in terms of the judges or anything having to do with my design work. I learned from everything. I knew that I chose the wrong fabric for the pants — and they were cute pants, I love them. I didn’t like the top at all. I did not want to walk out on the runway. So it was hard, but it was really okay too.

Have you seen the episode yet? Michael had some really nice things to say about you after your elimination.

Oh no, I didn’t see it yet. I guess I’ll see it tonight if I have the stamina.

Is Michael one of your favorite designers?

Michael is my favorite designer and one of my favorite people in the world. He’s quality with a capital Q.

Who would you like to see make it to the top three?

Michael, Laura, and Kayne.

It isn’t a surprise that Jeffrey didn’t make that list. He did seem to take pleasure in bothering you. He even said, ”The madder she gets, the better I feel” which was so over-the-top cartoonishly mean. Is there something you wish you could say to him now?

I don’t think there’s anything. I’ve said before that Jeffrey and I are like oil and water, and oil doesn’t get mad at water. I’m just done with him. He’s not a part of my life and I thank God he’s not a part of my life. It’s over. I had to spend 30 days in his presence but it’s just reality TV; it’s not really real life.

On that note, Alison Kelly told EW’s Jessica Shaw that Jeffrey was really a good person, he was just playing up his character. Did you feel like he was playing a part, exaggerating?

Yeah, you know that’s a good question. You’d have to ask him that. I don’t know why anyone would portray themselves as he portrayed himself. There was one incident when he was yelling at me in the workroom, and they only showed me yelling, ”Shut up! Just shut up!” because he wouldn’t get off my back. And Alison said, ”Dude, you’re looking like a total ass right now. You have to go apologize to her. You look really mean and vicious.” And he’s like, ”I’m not mean. I’m not vicious. I’m not that person.” And she said, ”Well, you look like it.” And he came into the workroom and apologized for his actions, and I accepted his apology. But to me, I think Jeffrey knows his true colors. I don’t think he was playing a character at all.

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