On ''Laguna Beach,'' Cami and Kyndra crash Rocky's party, then trash it at their own get-together

”Laguna Beach”: Party politics

Okay, psyched to see Tessa over the Chase thing, if only momentarily because he’s off tending to band emergencies or whatever. Not psyched to see Cameron all but denying his relationship with Jessica — not cool, whether or not you find her pathetic.

But very much psyched to see Cami and Kyndra crashing Rocky’s party, just to give me something to write about tonight. ”I just don’t want her to think that she can come to mine,” Kyndra scoffed as they drove to the party to which they were not invited. So to recap the season in soiree drama thus far: Kyndra invites Tessa to her BBQ; freaks out when she shows up with a posse. Then Rocky invites Cami and Kyndra to Tessa’s surprise B-day; they complain about the invitations themselves (Kyndra, like, totally hates confetti) and show up but leave early. And that brings us to today, with Rocky having the sense not to invite the terrible twosome and them going anyway.

Naturally, it took about four seconds (in Laguna Beach time, anyway) before Cami was all, ”I’ve never been this pissed off in my life,” apparently because she heard that some girl called her ”dirty.” And then Kyndra was all, ”My Christmas party’s gonna be so much better than this.” Kyndra confronted the girl, the girl denied everything, Rocky tried to mediate, and then the Evil Ones were outta there, dragging Cameron with them, of course. Which makes me kinda like the girl, regardless of whether she truly did call Cami dirty.

The next day’s postgame analysis had it that Cami and Kyndra’s move was ”really unclassy,” according to the Rocky camp. Cami, meanwhile, bagged on Rocky’s wardrobe yet again — though I must interject and say Tessa and Rocky’s Santa hats were super cute, and when else can you get away with wearing Santa hats except when you’re adorable high school girls? — then snarked, ”It would be really funny if Raquel or Tessa randomly decided to show up” to Kyndra’s party that evening. Kyndra, to her credit, did point out that they themselves had crashed a party the night before. Anyone else notice that Cami is the true source of all evil here? PS: Loving how Kyndra has the exact mom Amy Poehler played in Mean Girls — the one who thinks she’s all down with the kids and wears form-fitting sweatsuits and giggles along with their gossip.

Speaking of parents, they sure are around a lot more this season than in previous seasons, huh? And never to sadder effect than when Rocky took off on her date, leaving Tessa home with Rocky’s parents to watch Cinderella Man. Tessa, honey, get yourself out somewhere — anywhere — and meet a nice boy. You’re perfectly cute, and you’re wasting prime years here. Meanwhile, yay for Rocky’s new BF, Alex. He’s darling, and he says things like ”I’m thinking I really like you” and ”You are way worth it.” Ah, young love.

Interestingly, Cami and Kyndra were still bitching about Rocky’s party — a.k.a. the party they were not invited to — at Kyndra’s bash. ”How lame was last night, you guys?” Kyndra asked, presumably rhetorically. But Cami didn’t miss the chance to recap the ”long story” of her personal torment at the shindig. And Kyndra didn’t miss a chance to get all over Cameron when he showed up — one random girl at the party even whispered, ”Oh, God, she’s creeping on Cameron again?” (Cami, incidentally, was still going on about Rocky’s party in another room at this point.) But karma struck back, and Cameron took off early to go see Jessica, who’s clearly his girlfriend whether or not he admits it to his friends.

In fact, they were actually pretty cute on their date the next day. I started to think he might genuinely like the girl. At least until Jessica asked, ”Would you be sad if I died?” and he responded, ”I’d probably just call up Kyndra.” Joking or not, put that on the list of wrong answers right under ”Yes, those jeans do make you look fat.”

What do you think? Is the Cameron-Kyndra flirtation over? Why would anyone call Cami ”dirty”? And are you looking forward to seeing the return of LC next week?

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