By Michael Slezak
Updated August 30, 2006 at 09:37 PM EDT

Two fresh singles streaming at AOL Music. Press play and let your inner critic run free!

Elton John, “The Bridge”: Being totally honest, this isn’t a song I’d download (I just got an iPod for my birthday, and will, from here on out, pepper my sentences with “download,” just like all the cool kids?), but I certainly wouldn’t switch the dial if it came on the radio. The haunting piano line reminds me ever so slightly of “Your Song” (which I’m a sucker for), and even though the lyrics are a little hokey-pokey (“Every one of us has to face that day/ Do you cross the bridge or do you fade away?”), Elton’s vocal sells it harder than Kathie Lee sells QVC. Which I mean in the best possible way.

Scissor Sisters, “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'”: If I could take a picture of this song, I’d paste it in my dictionary alongside the word “jaunty.” And FYI, “jaunty” ranks in my top 10 words in the English language (especially when it precedes the words “hat,” “cap,” or “fedora.”) Anyhow, seeing that my personal groove thing is pretty much always prepped for a little shimmy-shake — true confessions time: last Thursday night, after one too many libations, I made like Lindsay Lohan and danced on a banquette; yes, I am ashamed — I can’t really relate to the theme here, but Elton John’s rollicking piano and Jake Shears’ hypnotic falsetto are an irresistible combo. For the love of all that’s holy, America, make Scissor Sisters a household name already! If you don’t, I’m coming to your local banquette, and I guarantee, it won’t be pretty!

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