By Michael Slezak
August 30, 2006 at 08:46 PM EDT
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So The A.V. Club’s Scott Tobias has a column declaring he’s confident that the Project Runway judges “are on crack this season.” (Thanks to TV Tattle for the link.) “There are now seven designers remaining in the cast — we’re at the halfway mark, more or less — and three of them should have been booted within the first three weeks,” Tobias continues, making a case for why Angela, Jeffrey, and Vincent should’ve already been auf’d.

Me, I couldn’t disagree more. (And it’s not just because of my growing crush on siren-like Neeena Garrrrcia (pictured), nor the way I’m tickled by Michael Kors’ insane bon mots — like last week’s “Comme des Garcons in Amish Country!”) Think about it: Jeffrey’s mom-dress may have been fuglier than his massive, tattooed neck, but his glamorous recycled newspaper outfit and flirty dog-as-accessory frock proved far more innovative than anything sweet-but-uninspired Robert sent down the runway in recent weeks. (And as Missy Schwartz’s recent Runway cover story for EW points out, past work does count.)

As for Angela, yeah, I rooted for her ouster after she coughed up that hideola purple bubble skirt during the doggie challenge, but clearly the judges saw something worth saving. And they proved far more astute than me, as Angela’s subsequent Audrey Hepburn dress and Macy’s cropped jacket would later prove. Seriously, if Tobias thinks Angela and Jeffrey should be out, then who should be in? I’ve already forgotten much of Bonnie and Katherine’s work, and I’m still working on forgetting adorable Bradley’s. That said, I’m with Tobias on one point: How is Vincent still in the competition?

What do you think of Runway‘s judging this season? Let the motherf—in’ walk-off begin in the comments section below.

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