Bob Dylan may be old, and he may play music that evokes the sounds of America’s distant past, but he’s not out of touch with what today’s youngsters like. Why, his new disc, released yesterday, is even called Modern Times! And on its first track, he name-checks Alicia Keys! He’s streaming the whole album for preview all this week on that Interweb thingy, via AOL Music. He’s got his own show on that newfangled satellite radio. Plus, even though the curmudgeon recently complained about the sound quality of digital music, he’s shilling for iPod in a new commercial. And if all that doesn’t give him enough youth-cred points, he’s got a video for his new ballad ”When the Deal Goes Down” that stars today’s favorite Lolita-ish muse to sardonic codgers, Natalie Portman Scarlett Johansson. May you stayyyyy… forever young, Bob.