On ''Weeds,'' love -- or sex -- is in the air: Nancy's DEA boyfriend finds a way to prove she can trust him; plus Andy gets a date and coaches Shane

By Hannah Tucker
August 29, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
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”Weeds”: Love — or sex — is in the air

In this nearly smoke-free but still shocking episode, we pick up right where we left off — with Nancy puking up the first bites of family dinner in front of one of Celia’s campaign signs (which are a bit nauseating, actually). But there’s Peter, offering her a tissue and asking her out for a bite! Ever notice how women on TV have really fabulous luck with the men they vomit in front of? (I’m thinking of basically every female character on The O.C., but I’m sure there are other examples.) Is a weak stomach interpreted as endearing vulnerability? In any case, Nancy is wined and dined by the nicest narc ever, who claims he’s willing to overlook her ”small potatoes” peddling. Nancy replies that she still can’t trust him, but you can already tell she finds that rather sexy. Or maybe she’s just a little tipsy — Nancy seems to be hitting the pinot more often recently. I’m not judging, mind you; it’s just that she looks so much cuter drinking beverages through a straw. This scene sets the tone for the rest of this lovey-dovey episode, in which characters push the limits of believability. (Celia at exercise boot camp? Never!)

Elsewhere in the wining and dining department, Andy finally scores a date with Hebrew-speaking hottie Yael — bonding over the death of loved ones is arguably an even better path to seduction than is regurgitation. But the surest route to romance? Bean pies, delivered by a dapper Ron Canada, who gives ”white devil” Nancy the evil eye even better than Heylia does.

Poor Shane — the only costars in his sex-related subplot are tube socks. Many, many tube socks. (Weeds‘ foot fetish continues!) But Andy really rises to the occasion (sorry, I had to) and delivers a lengthy, high-quality masturbation lesson. If Andy knew that Silas has poked a pinhole in a Trojan in an, um, ill-conceived plan to save his relationship with his Princeton-bound girlfriend, he’d slap Silas upside his unthinking little head.

By the way, that scene reminds me of a little gripe I’ve had with the music this season: I’ve mostly made my peace with the overly obvious anti-suburbia theme song (Engelbert Humperdinck — har har), but the ”risk everything for love” tune that plays over Silas’ prophylactic sabotage and the ”what the f— was I thinking?” refrain after Nancy’s sleepover with Peter in the first episode? The show has such a knack for brilliant, blink-and-you-miss-it wit — how great was Nancy’s ”Fear & Loathing” T-shirt? — why hit us over the head with the soundtrack?

At least Elvis didn’t play over the end credits. What will happen now that those two crazy hound dogs Peter and Nancy have eloped, and who will be the first to uncover they’re married? And a few other unrelated questions for next time: Did Houdini really die from a ”sucker punch to the stomach,” as Conrad claims? Will Dean actually sock it to Conrad for sleeping with Celia? And that house Doug found for the weed warehouse seems way too convenient — how many bodies do we think are buried in that basement?

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