By Amy Ryan
Updated August 25, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Survivor: Cook Island: Monty Brinton

Whether you think the forthcoming segregated season of Survivor is a clever idea or an inflammatory one, you have to acknowledge that it’s been a publicity coup, one that’s earned the show the kind of attention it hasn’t had in ages. My beef is that the premise gives license to the foolish and intolerant to hijack the show for their own agendas; already, the hate-spewers and the politically correct have risen to the bait. The one response that’s intrigued me so far is this one from an African-American TV critic, who praises the idea because it’ll bring the latent racism of Mark Burnett’s reality shows out front and center, instead of keeping it buried in subtext, as it usually is (hi, Omarosa!).

What do you think the new Survivor will be: racially enlightening allegory, shamefully pandering spectacle, or guilty viewing pleasure? Will you be watching?

addCredit(“Survivor: Cook Island: Monty Brinton”)