James, the latest ''Big Brother'' evictee, talks to Josh Wolk about being betrayed by both of his alliances, season 6 and then the Legion of Doom, and how Chicken George might get his final vote

By Josh Wolk
Updated August 25, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

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When, oh, when will people stop trusting Chill Town? Will and Mike Boogie carved another notch on their headboard of death when they betrayed their Legion of Doom and evicted James Rhine. We talked to the surprisingly calm former season sixer (although after Howie’s blustery exit, everything seems calm) about what it’s like to be betrayed by two alliances.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Were you surprised when the votes were announced?
JAMES RHINE: I wasn’t. I was surprised the vote was 3 to 1. I figured that Janelle, just for good strategy, would have given me a vote, because I was up against a person who had eliminated Howie, and it’s always good to cover your ass. But I knew this week, based on how people were reacting, that they were telling me what I wanted to hear, but they weren’t planning for the future. When people say they’re going to keep you, but then strategy talks diminish, and you don’t study with them for HOH competitions, you know you already have the cancer, and it’s your turn next. And when I was talking to Will, you know he’s lying when his eyes move back and forth. He tells you what you want to hear, but he’s trying to read you to see if you’re falling for it and to see how far he has to go.

When did you figure out that the eye darting was Will’s tell?
I’ve been reading him when I talk to him, and he’s someone you can’t read by looking at gestures and body language. He is such a good liar and manipulator that he doesn’t give you the signs because he knows he’s gonna work you over; he doesn’t have to think about it. He just knows people are going to fall for it.

Everyone knew coming in how smart and slippery Will was. For the love of God, why have people kept him in the game?
In the first four weeks, I wanted one of Chill Town gone, preferably Boogie, because then I knew Will would be forced to find someone else to attach to. With Kaysar appearing scared to nominate them for whatever reason, and then Janelle doing all she could to protect them, I was like, all right, if these people are being protected, and I can’t use the season 6 alliance to go after them, maybe I should grab Dani and see if we could work with them.

When did you realize that you had to leave the season sixers?
At the point where Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie lied to me and told me that if I put up Jase, they would put up Chill Town the following week if they got HOH, and then Janelle did this idiotic move by putting up Diane. At that point they had declared war on Chill Town verbally, and declared war on the floaters physically, so they had decided to take on the entire house with only three members who actually do something. Howie was actually nonexistent as an ally.

Why did Janelle target Diane so feverishly?
Janelle talked a lot of crap about Diane [on the show] last year, and I had said some bad things about her also. I talked smack, that’s what I do. I found out when I got out that I’d really hurt Diane’s feelings. So I got her number from Danielle and called her from a party at Mike and Kaysar’s. I felt like the biggest ass. I apologized; she accepted my apology. Janelle was there and saw I was apologizing to Diane, she jumped on the phone: ”Oh yeah, I’m sorry, blah blah blah,” but would then continue the conversation with somebody else, and it was a slap in Diane’s face….The thing about Janelle is she’s a great player, she’s incredibly manipulative, but her stuff only works on guys, because girls see right through it. So she couldn’t leave an independent thinker like Diane, Nakomis, or Danielle.

Had season 6 gone after Chill Town at the beginning, do you think they would have made it until the end?
Completely. But when Janelle went after Diane, I was like, I can’t afford to have them lie to me anymore because it was screwing with everything. And when Janelle chose to save Marcellas by picking him for the veto competition and not Kaysar, that was the final selfish act. This is not an alliance, this is one girl using these two other guys, Howie and Kaysar, to further her own agenda. They went home, she’s still there. I tried to warn them, but they wouldn’t believe me, and s— happens.

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