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By EW Staff
Updated August 25, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Dysfunctional Family Ties
Thank you, EW, for putting Little Miss Sunshine on your cover. After yet another summer of frat shtick comedies that make us all a little dumber, Sunshine deserves all accolades for its heart, originality, and superb ensemble cast (much like the devilishly delicious Devil Wears Prada).
Cheryl Gudz

You had a chance to put the amazing actress Toni Collette on your cover and you didn’t?! All I can say is ”You’re terrible, Muriel!”
Nicholas Taylor

Winning Streak
How can you leave Old School off the list of Will Ferrell’s box office accomplishments (Movies)? At this point in his career, ”We’re goin’ streaking!” is the rallying cry behind most of Frank the Tank’s biggest fans.
Josh Mason
Freeport, Fla.

Gibson’s Gaffe
It seems to me that you’re condemning Mel Gibson for the wrong thing (News & Notes). His spewing hate-filled speech is certainly nothing to ignore. However, what he should be chastised (and punished) for is driving his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. That was the most irresponsible and stupid act of all, considering how many innocent lives have been lost to drunk driving. Mr. Gibson is entitled to his opinion, no matter how reprehensible. But getting behind the wheel intoxicated? That’s a whole other category of lethal weapon!
Joann R. King
Orange, Calif.

Granted, Mel Gibson was way out of line, but let us first consider the father that raised him. After all, we are the products of our environment. That said, the man should definitely reap what he sowed.
Carolyn Grey
Carson City, Nev.

Daniel Fierman’s piece ”Mel to Pay?” was powerful and to the point. Alcoholism isn’t an excuse for hate speech. But I think Gibson’s situation may be, if not excusable, understandable. In times of extremity, many of us default to ingrained voices, no matter how much we’ve fought to reject them. Having grown up with a Holocaust-denying father, Gibson evidently has more demons than alcoholism to deal with.
Cynthia Weston

Nuclear Reaction
It was great to see Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s on the Must List. Having said that, please do your best to keep them a secret so they don’t become overexposed like some of my previous favorite bands.
Adam Payne

Prior to Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin appeared in the R-rated movie Keane (”The Sunshine Band”).

Number of readers who felt our coverage of Mel Gibson’s DUI (”Mel to Pay?”) was less than charitable

Number of readers disturbed by male cows having udders in the movie Barnyard


No one makes Cassie Boroski of Chicago weak in the knees like Gerard Butler. A devout fan, she’s logged thousands of air miles trailing the Scottish actor to places like San Diego’s Comic-Con. ”Enough with the same ole,” she argues. ”Why not make a lot of women happy and give him a page? You want to see this issue fly off the shelves? Then you will do it.” Now, is that a threat or a request?