On ''Big Brother: All-Stars,'' Will and Boogie, the self-styled Lennon-McCartney alliance, fire their Ringo and try to choose between their two Yokos

By Tom Conroy
August 25, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Big Brother: All-Stars”: Will’s Beatle strategy

It was sickening enough when the Chill Town boys compared themselves to John Lennon (Boogie) and Paul McCartney (Will). Tonight, Will elaborated on this double fantasy: James, according to Will, is Ringo Starr (probably because Will wasn’t thinking fast enough and didn’t go for the much more appropriate George Harrison). Chicken George, poor guy, is ”in the Monkees.” (Will didn’t specify, but I’d say he’s Peter Tork.) ”This week,” Will told Boogie in conclusion, ”we’re bringing Yoko into the Beatles. We just have to figure out who Yoko is.”

You see, the problem is that each member of Chill Town (or is that Liverpool?) is working a female housemate: Will continues to flirt successfully with Janelle, with whom he seems to be forming as much of a bond as an unrepentant sociopath can, and Mike is having what he calls a ”full-on showmance” with Erika. Each guy, somewhat touchingly, thinks that his girlfriend (or girl friend) is the more trustworthy of the two. Will, however, believes that now is the time Chill Town must decide which woman will go to the final three with them. Since neither woman was up for elimination this week, and both were on board with Chill Town’s plan to vote off James, I can’t quite understand Will’s urgency, but who am I to argue with the master manipulator? (I’m just filling in this week for your usual correspondent, Lynette Rice, who’s being held in a sequester house in an unspecified tropical location.)

At the end of this double-elimination week, Erika appeared to be the Yoko front-runner, not only because she’s the one who’s dating John Lennon (duh!) but because she won the head-of-household competition and could thus start bossing the other members of the band around. Plus, she and Boogie are insisting on flaunting their love with exhibitionistic, early-John-and-Yoko-style PDA. (Please, Big Brother producers, if you can’t spare us the sight of Mike and Erika kissing, could you at least never show them kissing in the bathtub?)

Ringo, on the other hand, got the Pete Best treatment and was sent off to the sequester house, joining Marcellas (Billy Preston?) in his ”personal hell” with Howie (Stu Sutcliffe). At least James went out with some dignity, saying (three times) that he got ”beat by the best.” Contrast that with Howie’s pointlessly belligerent departure on Sunday, in which he physically confronted Boogie and called him a ”punk.” After seeing that performance (and reading this interview, I’ve decided the formerly appealing Jedi Knight has been lost to the Dark Side.

As obnoxious as Lennon-McCartney continue to be, you have to give them credit for the stealth eliminations that have left Janelle the last season 6 veteran standing. Howie and James were both lured into a false sense of security before they got the shiv. [Read Josh Wolk’s interview with James.] But now that Erika can bring HOH power to her misalliance with Boogie (witness their big victory hug in the kitchen), this may be the moment when Yoko, as Will warned she might, manages to break up the Beatles.

What do you think? Will Boogie turn on Will or Erika first? Are you surprised by how sentimental Danielle has become? Do you like double-elimination weeks, or do they just underline how slow-moving the show usually is? And do you really believe that the three things in life that Will hates the most are robot clowns, baby corn, and freaky little gnomes?

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