The best songs in commercials -- Ben Lee, Goldfrapp, and others have us sold

By Beth Johnson
August 25, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

The best songs in commercials

1. Nothing says seamless, stitchless bra like the BLACK KEYS‘ sexy blues-rocker ”The Desperate Man” — at least when Heidi Klum is flaunting the ”Body” for Victoria’s Secret.

2. BEN LEE‘s sugary pop tune ”Catch My Disease” is the soundtrack to a Dell computer ad, set in a fantastical factory filled with purple gorillas and tweedy professors.

3. If you can afford a Jaguar XK, you too can pick up monied-looking women?and then drive around to DIAMOND NIGHTS‘ fittingly titled (and Billy Idol-ish) ”The Girl’s Attractive.”

4. Apparently, GOLDFRAPP means ”I can sell anything.” The duo’s ”Strict Machine” pulses in Nip/Tuck promos and Verizon/LG’s ”Chocolate” cell-phone ads.