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By EW Staff
Updated August 25, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT


”ULTIMATE PRINCE’ CD AND ‘DIAMONDS AND PEARLS’ DVD (Rhino) Don’t just buy this greatest-hits collection for the ahead-of-its-time music. Pick it up for the publicity shot inside of Prince sporting a mammoth Afro circa ’79. (It’s a look that’ll shock anyone who thinks the Purple One’s career started with ”Delirious.”) And if two CDs and 11 remixes aren’t enough, the DVD — featuring interviews, concert footage, and long-form videos from his 1991 album — oughta do the trick. (Out now)

THE PRISONER (A&E) Fans of Lost and David Lynch: Don’t miss out on a new DVD-set release of this marvelously bizarre, influential BBC series from the 1960s. After quitting his job as a government agent, a man (Patrick McGoohan) is kidnapped, brought to a place called ”the Village,” and renamed Number Six. Although utopian on its surface, the Village is actually controlled by sinister fellows intent on discovering just why Number Six resigned. Preventing him from escape is a patrolling, smothering…giant balloon thingy! (Out now)


WE ARE THE PIPETTES (Memphis Industries) Somewhere between the Ronettes and the Runaways lie the Pipettes, a trio of girlish, churlish Brits in polka dots and lipsticked pouts. RiotBecki, Rosay, and Gwenno have the sweet vocals and false-eyelash charm of a lost Phil Spector project. But there’s a modern snark behind their American Bandstand ditties like ”Dirty Mind,” which certainly would’ve made Dick Clark blush. (Out now on import,

EXODUS INTO UNHEARD RHYTHMS (Stones Throw) Rapperproducer Oh No is clearly onto something with his latest disc, which samples the works of Hair composer Galt MacDermot. Oh No squeezes the funk from MacDermot’s trippy tunes, while guest MCs (De La Soul’s Posdnuos, Cannibal Ox’s Vast Aire) add flair to what winds up being a surprisingly cohesive sonic experiment. (Out now)

DOWN BESIDE YOUR BEAUTY (Vice) What’s up with the British spelling of Favourite Sons’ name? Beats us. The group operate from Brooklyn, and there’s nothing particularly Anglophilic about their broody bar sound. Think Interpol weaned on a little more Budweiser and AM rock, buoyed by remarkably assured vocals that register halfway to a Nick Cave basso profundo. Got it? Now check out our favorite tracks: ”When You’re Away From Me,” ”Hang On, Girl,” and the addictive bedroom-wars title track. (Out Sept. 12)

CARNIVORE (Record Collection) They say their moniker is a shout-out to one of freedom fighter Paul Revere’s horsemen, but there’s nothing particularly political about Simon Dawes. Instead, like Rooney (that other L.A. band of lookers who perennially evoke summer), this foursome will charm the puka-shell necklace off of you with pleasantly sun-kissed tunes bearing breezy names like ”Lazy Daisy” and ”Got a Light.” (Out Sept. 12)


AKOMPLICE Boutique fashion label Akomplice prints T-shirts with crisp graphics and a social conscience, from the Statue of Liberty lofting a pistol to a lineup of rose-spouting army tanks. For those less inclined to wear politics on their sleeve, check out its tributes to Marvin Gaye and everyone’s favorite teeny-tiny dunker, Spud Webb. (Out now,


IWG Armed with grenades, rocket launchers, and the like, the creatures of the Insurgents Wilderness Group fight evil Homo sapiens destroying their territory. Created by Army dude-turned-artist Patrick Ma, the IWG (whose latest recruits include the above yeti) are a reminder of just how animal-like humans have become. (Out now,