By Scott Brown
Updated August 23, 2006 at 08:00 PM EDT
Credit: Jake Gyllenhaal: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Rumors are circulating that, barring a last-minute doping scandal, Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing cyclist Lance Armstrong in a new biopic. The Internet braces for a whole new wave of lame Brokeback mash-ups. (Speaking of bad Gyllenhaal-themed gay jokes, Armstrong is sort of a master.)

So what will this do to the informal cycling club of Gyllenhaal, Armstrong, and mutual friend Matthew McConaughey? The latter had, at one time, been lined up for the role, Armstrong has apparently revealed; but the role ultimately went to Jake. (Matt Damon was also in the running.) Did McConaughey go home and drown his troubles in a tall glass of testosterone? Send me any and all spy photographs, and I promise, cross my heart, to put them on my wall, next to my Mac and Me poster.

Oh, and let me know what you think of Jake as Lance. Does it roll?

addCredit(“Jake Gyllenhaal: Mark Mainz/Getty Images”)