On ''Weeds,'' after Conrad walks out, Nancy and company have to go shopping for a new strain; plus, DEA man Peter has a surprise

By Hannah Tucker
August 22, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
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”Weeds”: The hunt for the perfect plant

Love is dying on Weeds. The sweet bloom of romance is being choked by, well, weed. Oh, and Princeton. But we’ll come back to that one. Nancy calls the whole thing off with Peter, claiming his job is too dangerous and she can’t lose another guy. (Boy is she good — ice cold, but good.) And the Smoke Syndicate is concerned with Nancy and Conrad’s business breakup, since C was the man with the plan. Or the plant, anyway, which is just as important. So Nancy, Andy, and City Councilman Doug ”When Does CPR Become Necrophilia?” Wilson take a field trip to a marijuana convention (which is kind of like a trade show, high school science fair, and Comic-Con all rolled into one) to scout some produce.

Meanwhile, Conrad is peddling his hydroponic wares to potential partners, including a guy dressed like Cedric the Entertainer (side note: is that a bong made out of a sippy cup? Who says you can’t learn anything useful from TV?) and a knife-throwing nutcase more interested in another kind of green. That’s right: I’m talking about avocados. These are all entertaining digressions (and we know the most brilliant ideas come out of digressions because…what was I saying? Marijuana convention? Avocados?), but more important is the fact that Nancy and Conrad make nice in the end. Still, I’m not so sure their fields of green (or their crush on each other) will start flourishing anytime soon, not if Puppetmaster Heylia has anything to say about it.

Unsolicited advice to students: Never suggest that your significant other only got into an Ivy League school because he/she is [insert demographic minority here]. This will make them several times more likely to break up with you. No, but seriously: Silas is understandably upset that Megan seems to care more about Princeton than their relationship, but he might need some help extracting his big foot from his mouth. (Feet seem to be a recurring theme on this show: Shane’s foot biting, which brought Nancy and Peter together; Peter’s love note last week to ”Beautiful Nancy with the long, elegant feet.” Conrad says Nancy ”stepped in some s—” by sleeping with Peter, and then Celia literally steps in it before her photo op….Like I said, digressions.)

At the end of this emotional roller coaster of an episode, we’re pretty much back where we started, with one very big exception. Peter knows Nancy is dealing? Peter! You seemed so sweet and harmless that I actually bought that bit about your DEA gig being ”mostly a desk job”! Now you will never be invited over for a family dinner (which seems to be a fixture now, so forgive me for criticizing, sweet Nancy) in that awesome Botwin backyard!

Questions for next time (in ascending order of importance): How long has Peter known about Nancy’s business, and how much does he know? When will Andy seduce the hot admissions officer (and screw up his acceptance)? And which household appliance will break next?

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