By Scott Brown
August 18, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

In the tradition of other cross-genre tributes to Radiohead comes an actually pretty good cross-genre tribute to Radiohead. Reggae supergroup the Easy Star All-Stars has taken on O.K. Computer, with results I find both exciting and euphonious. (Then again, I still occasionally rock to this guy, so take my musical opinions cum grano tasteless.)

How does symphonically gray British depresso-prog react to a little sun-dappled syncopation? Surprisingly well, I think. That zippier “Paranoid Android” might just have to go on my iPod, actually. Kinda takes me back the heyday of the cheesy lounge revival. Remember that briefly-fun time? I do.

Who else needs a good reggae going-over, would you say?