Marcellas, the latest ''Big Brother'' evictee, talks to Jessica Shaw about Janelle's betrayal, the perils of being the gay sidekick, and who's the house's hottest guy

By Jessica Shaw
August 18, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s gotta hurt when your secret alliance member puts you up for eviction, promises you won’t go home, and then can’t deliver on your safety. Such was the fate of Marcellas Reynolds, the bald bombshell, who got unanimously voted out of the Big Brother: All-Stars house this week. We couldn’t talk too much about house intrigue since he’s sequestered and CBS won’t let us tell him anything about anything, but we did get to catch up on why he’s at peace with Danielle and why James is hotter than Will.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Marcellas, clearly there were things going on that you didn’t know about because Janelle told you you’d be safe. What do you think happened?
MARCELLAS REYNOLDS: Girl, there had to be more secret alliances than you could shake a stick at.

Did your secret alliance with Janelle go bad?
Here’s what I thought was brilliant about it — the fact that we had an alliance within her alliance of the two divas. Because of the rift between the [season 6] four, it became this secret alliance where we were supposed to not like each other. I thought that was brilliant because here I’m talking crap about Janelle and she’s talking crap about me and then we’re in the gym saying, ”I gotta go so people don’t see us talking.”

So what went wrong?
The Will factor. I just think Janelle is one of those girls that loves the attention of men. They’re always going to be the undoing of the gay sidekick. The gay sidekick can’t compete because he’s not wooing the girl. He’s helping her do her hair and helping her decide what shoes to wear, or in Janelle’s case, what shoes not to wear. She always wanted to wear those natural-looking ones so it looked like you weren’t wearing shoes. I’m like, ”Who wants to look at you going barefoot?”

You think Will is working Janelle?
That week when Mike Boogie was put up and then she put up Erika, I was like, ”Your target is Mike Boogie. Put someone up that’s going to weaken him.” But she wouldn’t do it. I was so frustrated. It echoed back to my season with Amy and Roddy. No matter what I said, how Roddy is the devil, she wouldn’t stay away from him. No matter what I said to Janelle, she wouldn’t stay away from Will. Roddy is no Will. Dr. Ill is the king. He’s like that worm that gets into your colon and you can’t figure out how to get it out.

I’m sure he’ll appreciate the comparison. Anyone you’d guess was working a secret alliance?
I think Danielle was closer to Erika than I thought she was. Part of my strategy was to create these alliances that were not alliances to get to the final two or the final three. They were alliances based on camaraderies. I tried to create them with James, Danielle, and Erika. You cry a little, you laugh with them, you tell them how great they are. If I was ever in peril, I was guaranteed a certain amount of votes. I even tried it with Chicken George.

I can’t believe he didn’t vote for you after you gave him that slop pass.
And then did you see his goodbye speech? He has the nerve to ask me to give him the pass. To paraphrase Danielle, ”You’re gonna pee down my back and tell me it’s raining?”

Danielle said she promised she was going to tell you if you’d be going home. Did she tell you?
Danielle never told me she was going to vote me out. Janelle came up to me and said Mike Boogie and Will told her Danielle was not going to vote for me. Right after that I went to Danielle and said, ”Chill Town told Janelle you’re not voting for me.” So she did pull a fast one on me. That said, I did do this thing with Danielle where I was like, ”You have to do what’s right for you, what’s best for you.” Technically you could say I gave her an out, but I didn’t mean for her to vote me out.

I loved what you told Julie Chen after getting voted out that you were just happy for making peace with Danielle.
Yeah, Danielle and I had sort of a bad relationship for four years. There were moments we were nice to each other and moments we’d be at the same place and not even look at each other. For me, getting closure to season 3, to that unhappiness where she was concerned, was major. I had this moment with Danielle the night before my eviction where I said to Danielle, ”Listen. I came for revenge. I just wanted you out. I can’t believe I came here and found forgiveness.” We started crying and laughing. We wasted four years when we could have been friends. That crap is profound.

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