By Scott Brown
Updated August 17, 2006 at 06:52 PM EDT
Christopher Walken: John Sciulli/

As my dear Uncle Freddy once said shortly before he died in a tragic sequin accident, “There’s only one thing better than John Travolta in drag — and that’s Christopher Walken dancing and singing.” Oh, Uncle Freddy: If only you could see today’s news! The Walken has been cast in Hairspray — as Edna Turnblad’s husband Wilbur, no less! Which means he’ll be wed to the divine Travolta-trix, the she-John. (So Jim Broadbent’s out. I’m sure he’d have been excellent, but… c’mon! Walken!)

What a pair they’ll make, Walken and Travolta! I assume, nay, demand that “You’re Timeless to Me,” their big love duet in the stage show, will morph into a terpsichorean spectacular. Both are golden-toed hoofer-savants. Both are kitsch icons. My only worry is: If they’re both on-screen at once, will the projector simply collapse under the weight of its own camp?

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