By Amy Ryan
Updated August 16, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Did the hype for Snakes on a Plane peak too early? No doubt a bunch of you are hissing ”YESSSSSSSSS.” When even JoBlo is bored by the latest serpents-on-an-aircraft teasers, you have to wonder if premature burnout isn’t going to be a factor this weekend. Still, that’s not going to keep PopWatch from beating this into the ground like Springfielders on Whacking Day. So here are our favorite Snakes on a Plane links of the day:

-Turns out the film isn’t really that far-fetched, judging by these real-life snake/plane incidents.

-Even National Geographic is getting in on the SoaP action. Purely in the interest of science and biology, of course.

-The squirmiest part about making a movie with several hundred snakes? Cleaning up all the snake poop.

-Talking to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show the other night, Samuel L. Jackson offered a mild spoiler on his character’s fate.

-What to do for the inevitable sequel? Jackson offers an idea inspired by a recent news story: Rats on a Plane. He even has a brilliantly profane tagline already written.

-MSNBC has some ideas for other animal/vehicle thrillers. But the competitors in the ”Blanks on a Blank” short film contest have probably used up all the good ones.