Superman’s returns have been called everything from “solid but unspectacular” to “disappointing” to (hoo boy!) “anything but super.” Everyone seems to agree that Warner Bros. and its latest sucker, um, co-financer, Legendary Pictures, will take hits in the tens of millions, at least until every last DVD dollar is counted and victory is declared.

But what does this mean for the Bryan Singer-directed sequel, tentatively titled Superman Returns Again This Time For Real, Y’all? Looks like the 2009 opening predicted by Singer at Comic-Con might be a little optimistic, if reports about the <a href="
“>brewing budget battle are to be believed. Honestly, if Returns cost $225 million, how can a sequel possibly up the ante for under $200 million? (I dunno… good storytelling maybe? And a return to the classical tradition of messengers relating off-skein action in verse?)

The good news for Superfans is, Warner Bros. would seem to be too heavily invested in the franchise to pull out now. Which practically guarantees another return. Just one where Superman does most of his crimefighting from a desk, surfing the Internet, and working the phone.

I’m putting the challenge to you, readers: How do you make a bang-up Supersequel for under $200 million? Budget your effects at a million per sec and dream away.

Superman Returns
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