Rachel Griffiths' favorite ''Six Feet Under'' scene -- What ''Brenda'' giving birth meant to the actress

By EW Staff
Updated August 11, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

HBO’s funeral-home drama Six Feet Under ended a year ago, but the finale sequence in which Rachel Griffiths’ character gives birth to the late Nate’s baby still sticks with the Australian actress. ”In a weird way, the ‘Brenda giving birth scene’ was a great, watershed moment. It was kind of a rebirth for her, and it was so close to my births,” says the mother of two, who plays an arts school dean in the new film Step Up, and stars alongside Calista Flockhart in ABC’s fall drama Brothers & Sisters. ”I was kind of happy that Brenda got to that point. It was a very emotional day for me.”