''Big Brother'': It's a do-over! After technical difficulties on last night's telecast, a new HOH competition yielded interesting results

By Lynette Rice
Updated August 11, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘Big Brother’: It’s a do-over!

I actually started writing this column the minute Tuesday’s episode was over, mostly because I knew that Kaysar’s ouster was a fait accompli and that Janelle wouldn’t be able to convince enough floaters that James was playing both sides. Too bad — not because I thought Kay-Kay deserved to stick around (his dour intensity was matched only by his inability to say or do anything even remotely interesting), but James was such an idiot for bidding for prizes during that veto competition that he deserved to be back-doored. What a duplicitous, indignant boob he’s turned out to be. Didn’t he learn anything last season by putting Sarah and himself at risk that when he attempted to play both sides?

All I can say is, poor Danielle. Will was right to point out how harsh it was that the house’s only mom was stuck in solitary confinement (not that I didn’t enjoy watching her eat crow. Girlfriend gets awfully cocky when you give her a little power). Still, she deserved better from her partner-in-crime, James. As the shrewdest female player in BB history, Danielle came into this house with a pretty significant target on her head and a bitter enemy in Marcellas. And though she suffered a tremendous brain fart during the first week, she made a necessary course correction, kept her mouth shut, and look how far she’s come! Of course I attribute her staying power to her secret alliance with James and Chill Town (yes, I learned that by watching the feeds. No, I don’t always acknowledge them because this is about the TV show. So ease up on the smack talk, will ya, folks?). But Danielle is still smart enough to stand on her own. Gotta hand it to home girl for not giving into pressure Tuesday to nominate Marcellas when she knew that picking a Sixer was the wiser way to go (but I also gotta hand it to Chill Town for shrewdly positioning Marcellas as the greedy new owner of $5,000 and a plasma TV. Can Will get any better at playing this game?).

But that’s ancient history now, especially since we have a more pressing issue to address: the next HOH. No, it is not boring Erica (cue Hallelujah chorus). For anyone who doesn’t have the privilege of an internet feed (or the patience to pull a late nighter while waiting for a damn answer), you didn’t learn from last night’s episode that BB opted for a do-over on the HOH competition because Howie couldn’t push his button. Now I’m sure there wasn’t a soul in the BB universe who thought Big Boy was robbed of a much-deserved win (it’s not like he’s normally a lightning-fast thinker). They just thought he faced some unfair technical difficulties so a new competition was deemed necessary. All I can say is, hell yeah!

[SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you don?t want to know the results.]

The contest finally commenced around 11 p.m. PT with the HGs using those silly wheel thingies instead of the unpredictable buzzers. And though the questions were far less interesting than the first time around, the results were much more enjoyable (and well deserved). Janelle won again!

Now my first thought was how James was probably thinking to himself, ”Man that fat beeyotch is gonna come after me now. Probably shouldn’t have bid for those prizes this week.” Then my second thought was how that skinny tool deserved to be the next to go because he bid for those prizes this week. And my third thought? What a lovely time it must be for Will and Boogie. A win for Janelle means another free week in the house — though those guys would be wise to stop relying on Will’s uncanny ability to schmooze the women and start actually competing for a change. Seriously, has Will managed to go beyond the first round of any of the competition?

But that’s a problem for later. I do hope Janelle goes with her gut and nominates James; if there’s anything he’s done this week, it’s proven how much he lies. But my fear is that James and Chill Town will convince her to pick Marcellas, who I don’t believe deserves to hit the road when far more useless players remain intact (hello, Chicken George? Erica? Chicken George? Erica?).

So what do you think? Do you like the sound of the coup d’etat twist? Were you disappointed to see Kaysar go? Did CBS do right by Howie by staging that do-over? Will Janelle put her Sixer alliance in jeopardizing by targeting James?

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