By EW Staff
Updated August 11, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Apocalypto: Andrew Cooper
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To be fair, Apocalypto was never going to be an easy film for Disney, its studio, to market. The 15th-century Mayan epic is by all reports brutal, bloody, rife with human sacrifice, and, oh yeah, spoken exclusively in Yucatec Maya, and production delays pushed its release from August to December, a move that’s always a magnet for negative buzz. The film’s best mainstream selling point was, in fact, that it’s Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, a subtitled step back into the Oscar winner’s action-packed Braveheart-ian ways. But even that wasn’t exactly a sure thing, since Gibson’s last film, the $612 million-grossing Passion of the Christ, also happens to be the most controversial film of all time. Now, thanks to Gibson’s DUI arrest and anti-Semitic tirade, that possessive association seems at the very least to be in doubt. It’s even possible, though Disney insists otherwise, that the film won’t make it to theaters this year. The only thing we do know for sure? Even before his arrest, Gibson declined to chat up his movie. Make of that what you will.


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