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By Gillian Flynn
Updated August 10, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Who’s the best TV couple?

Who are the best TV couples on the small screen today? My favorite is Seth and Summer from The O.C. — their relationship is the sole reason I watch the show! —Brandie McComsey

Love the push-and-pull banter between ironic Seth (Adam Brody) and snappy Summer (Rachel Bilson), which provides some of the best dialogue of the show. In a similar vein, I offer Veronica Mars. In its first season there was no better — albeit platonic — screen couple than Veronica (Kristen Bell) and her doting detective dad (Enrico Colantoni). Their underlying affection and mutual humor made some of the most charming dad-daughter moments on TV. Last season, Mr. Mars sadly had a bit less to do, but I’ll admit being sucked in by the on-off relationship between Veronica and tormented smart-ass Logan (Jason Dohring). It has all the hallmarks of a great noir love story: Our jaded detective falls for a charismatic homme fatale — sparks, clever repartee, and heartache ensue. Hey, I’d rather see Veronica with an interesting jerk than with dazed Duncan (Teddy Dunn). You can imagine Veronica having a thing for bad boys, but not bland boys.

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