By EW Staff
Updated August 10, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Borat: Alexandra Lambrinidis

Insanely offensive yet strangely lovable, faux Kazakhstani TV personality Borat, famed from Sacha Baron Cohen’s hit HBO comedy series Da Ali G Show, hits the big screen with this mockumentary chronicle of his quest to better understand America. Here, Borat himself gives us scattered pieces of his mind. People of U.S. and A., you’ve been warned.

EW: What are some of your personal favorite movies?
Borat: My favourites movies is Robot Cop. Womanman Doubtfire, Little Lord Fontelroy, Transsibierskiy Ekspress 2, Gerald McGuire, and sex comedy The Accused.

What’s the biggest difference between Hollywood and the Kazakh film industry?
Kazakh films is more realistics. In Hollywood movie The Gladiator, it obvious the tigers was not actual eat those criminal, whereas in Kazakh movie Angry Snakes on a Gypsy Boat, over 85,000 extras was actually attacked and finished by the pythons.

Are your friends and family afraid you’ll ”go Hollywood”?
I do not think this a problem, as I already number four most famous person in Kazakhstan behind our glorious leader, Premier Nazarbayev, pop star Billy Sexcrime, exâ??Olympic gymnast Lily Utmarkan — she now work in Kazakh State Circus, where she famous for putting one foot in mouth while other is in her [CENSORED BY KAZAKHSTAN BUREAU OF COMMUNICATION AND FOREIGN AFFAIRS] — and acting chimpanzee ”Jonny the Monkey” (he dress like Humphrey Bogarts and smoke cigarette, but very sadly he recent die making monkey Evel Knievel movie).

What do you think the people back home in Kazakhstan will think of your movie?
This movie have already been release in Kazakhstan and was blockbusterings! It open simultaneous on all seven of our country’s screens and take top spot from Hollywood movie King Kong — which had been number one film in Kazakhstan ever since it was release in 1933.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

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