By Scott Brown
Updated August 09, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

A disturbing rumor has snaked its way into my office, and I have no choice but to spread it: I keep hearing there’s a Mad TV sketch from a few years back that features… snakes on a plane. I have no first- or secondhand evidence to support this shocking allegation, no video to play for you, and no witnesses to produce. So I’ll fall back on today’s most popular debate strategem: I’m just sayin’. (As in: “My opponent has called me a liar and a warmonger. Well, I heard a rumor that he is a horse. I’m just sayin’.”)

So: I’m just sayin’. But can someone out there more-than-say? Has anyone seen this sketch? Or did it air only in the alternate universe where Mad TV is the most popular sketch program on television?

Help me out, people. This is a potential scandal of Gibsonian proportions. I’m going to Woodward-and-Bernstein Samuel L. Jackson until he weeps for mercy. And you will love me for it. Or else!