By Amy Ryan
Updated August 08, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Daniel Baldwin: Mike Guastella/

I feel bad for Daniel Baldwin. Not just because of his most recent troubles, but because he’s the Baldwin brother with the weakest brand identity. You know, Alec is the Talented One, William is the Slickly Handsome One, Stephen is the Goofy One, and Daniel is… uh, you know, the one who was on Homicide for a couple seasons a decade ago. I’m not sure being cast in an imaginary-movie-within-a-TV-show is going to help much, but even a minor role on The Sopranos is sure to get Daniel B. more positive press than anything he’s done in years. Besides, aren’t you curious to see how Christopher’s Saw-meets-Godfather II Mob-sploitation movie turns out?

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