By Scott Brown
Updated August 08, 2006 at 05:05 PM EDT

On Saturday, did you sense a great disturbance in the Force? As if millions — OK, hundreds — of voices cried out in rock-indignation from the steps of Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? There is a movement afoot: Kiss has been eligible to enter the Hall for years. Yet they’ve never been nominated. And now fans plan to rock & roll all night and party every day until their heroes — far too modest to <a href=”
“>petition for themselves — are given their due.

That’s right! There’s a petition! But before you give yourself over to righteous indignation, check out some of the other petitions on that site, foremost among them “Traer Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence a España.” Now there’s an issue that gets me caliente!

There’s also this to consider: Does a transgressive (OK, faux-transgressive) shock band really want to be invited to rock’s wine and cheese party? Last year, the Sex Pistols sent back their invitations with a cordial “decline.” But Kiss would likely react differently: After all, there would be probably be free food, and lots of opportunities to push fine Kiss merchandise and promote the band’s new career as Myrtle Beach baristas. Also, Simmons could clear the air re. some old rumors.

So what do you think? Has Kiss been snubbed? Do they even want the Hall’s laurels? And why hasn’t Kiss used its well-documented superpowers to simply take what it wants?

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