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By EW Staff
August 04, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Gore Fest
It’s always wonderful to see a magazine that is not intimidated by what is politically correct. Seeing Al Gore on the cover of the July 21 issue was so refreshing. I love seeing headlines about things other than what Britney Spears did wrong. Two big thumbs-up for a job well done.
Sarah Lubitz
Mobile, Ala.

That sinister picture of the wax Al Gore replica that recently graced the cover was alarming, to say the least. If you were looking to scare readers, it worked.
Robert Bazylak
Conneaut Lake, Pa.

Al Gore’s got almost three and a half decades on me. But I gotta say, that cover photo is the hottest one you’ve published all year. (And no, I’m not wearing my beer goggles.) Do I need to invest in therapy right away, or what?
Lindsay Harrison

That arched brow, that smuggish smile, those beady eyes. I’m all for diminishing global warming, but with the devil himself?
Jen Maupin
Franklin, Ind.

Jay Talk
Thank you for the Jason Mewes article ”To Hell and Back.” For an obsessed View Askewniverse and Kevin Smith fan, your story gave me a firsthand look at the guy I only really know through amusing tales Smith tells on his DVDs and through his movies.
Seth C. Faulder
Hagerstown, Md.

Second Helpings
Maybe not on planet EW, but here on planet Earth such a list (”We’re #2!”) would never exclude Mr. Spock — certainly the smartest second banana ever to roam the universe. Also, where are Niles Crane, Carla Tortelli LeBec, and Jack and Karen?
Jonathan Schwartz
Dix Hills, N.Y.

I realize a list like this is arguable at best, but how could you have left off Patsy Stone, Edina Monsoon’s coke-addled, Stoli-soaked Absolutely Fabulous partner-in-crime. She is every bit Ethel Mertz to Eddy’s Lucy…only sluttier.
Bill Dotinga
Escalon, Calif.

Cameron Frye was the perfect dorky yin to Ferris Bueller’s free-spirited yang. As I finished the list, Ben Stein’s words echoed: ”Frye? Frye?”
Megan Kelly Tisdale
Alexandria, Va.

Remembering Barrett
Thank you for commemorating the death of Syd Barrett (News & Notes). For a band as pervasive in rock radio as Pink Floyd is, I feel Barrett’s place in history may not be as prominent as he deserves. His trials are well documented and his triumphs can’t be ignored. Your piece handled both eloquently and with respect.
Chad Roberson

‘Battlestar’ Crossed
While you were making note of how many series got passed over during the Emmy nomination process (News & Notes), you missed one that didn’t get the major nods it deserved: Sci Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica. Galactica has consistently been one of the best dramas on television, but once again, since it’s science fiction, it’s overlooked by Emmy voters.
Jack Butler
Crawfordville, Fla.

Nicolas Cage signed a $20 million contract to play Superman for Warner Bros. in the late 1990s. However, when the studio decided not to make the film at that time, Cage was paid approximately $2 million (#883, ”Greatest American Hero?”). Charlotte Rampling is a British actress (#887, Movies). We misspelled Paul Shaffer’s last name (#887, ”We’re #2!”).

Number of readers who mistook Al Gore for Jeff Goldblum in the cover photo

Number of readers who said that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would poop on EW’s list of greatest sidekicks

Number of readers surprised that Lost didn’t get the Emmy nod for Outstanding Drama Series


His name notwithstanding, the Lone Ranger never rode alone, and Dennis Seuling of Maywood, N.J., demands respect for his faithful companion, Tonto. More than just a ”comical sidekick,” Seuling writes, Tonto is a ”true friend” who ”saved the Ranger’s life by nursing him back to health.” And if that weren’t enough: ”My wife has had a crush on Tonto since 1956.” Say no more, kemo sabe: You’ve convinced us.