Bring It On: All Or Nothing

As if to wipe away all memories of the 2004 cheer-tastrophe Bring It On Again, this second straight-to-DVD sequel cribs shamelessly from the pompom-tastic 2000 original, right down to a remake of Toni Basil’s ”Mickey” — the superperky flaxen-haired captain, caddish boyfriend, and stereotypical sidekicks (Asian girl, conniving girl, girl whose rear end is too plump for the pyramid) all make a comeback. The plot, meanwhile, is Save the Last Dance crossed with Clueless: ”Frosted flake” Britney (Hayden Panettiere) lands in a predominantly black high school, where she clashes with the head cheerleader (Solange Knowles-Smith, Beyoncé’s less-bootylicious little sis) but eventually earns the right to shake her groove thing behind ”SOS” singer Rihanna. The dialogue can’t compare to the first Bring It On — there’s just no topping ”Follow me or perish, sweater monkeys” — but Bring It On: All or Nothing gets snaps for its nightmarish homecoming scene, a nod to, of all movies, Carrie. EXTRAS The best: a bust-your-own-move choreography tutorial. The worst: a gag reel featuring too many giggle fits and too few miniskirted blondes making butt-first landings.

Bring It On: All Or Nothing
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