The ''Aquaman''pilot is a hit on iTunes -- Will online success change the fate of the dropped CW show?

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated August 04, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

Warner Bros. put its rejected Aquaman pilot up for sale on iTunes July 25, where the hour-long actioner — starring Justin Hartley as Arthur ”A.C.” Curry and Ving Rhames as his mysterious ally in the fight to save the oceans — immediately became the No. 1 video download, holding the top spot for over a week. Does this mean the seahorse-riding superhero might be tossed a life preserver? With ongoing Aquaman references on HBO’s Entourage and rumors that the real-life Ari Gold inspiration wants to do a real-life movie, ”There seems to be some sort of cultural zeitgeist,” says co-creator Al Gough, who has cast Hartley as the Green Arrow on his CW series, Smallville, this season. ”If some network wanted the show, we’d find a way to work it out.” Sadly, reps for The CW, which passed on the pilot in May, say there are currently no plans to save Aquaman from his watery grave.