''Big Brother'''s Jase: ''The entertainment industry sucks. I hate L.A.'' The outspoken evictee hated going back to the house, but still thought he'd be around a little longer

July 28, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

You thought Jase was acting crazy and pathetic on Big Brother: All Stars? Try having a phone conversation with the guy the after he got the unanimous boot.

Hi. It’s Enrico Palazzo.

And yet you sound oddly like a recently evicted Big Brother contestant.
Okay, yeah, it’s Jase.

Jase, you changed your game quite a bit from Big Brother 5 and yet it didn’t work out so well.
I really thought I was gonna last longer.

You’re slurring your words and you sound exhausted. Are you okay?
I missed my family so much and [girlfriend] Heidi and I were on the phone all night long. I pretty much came directly here without sleeping.

What did she say to console you?
She’s just ready for me to get home.

So what do you think did you in this season?
Honestly, my deal was I hate Big Brother. I hated it the first time around. I hated it the second time around. It’s a pretty good chunk of change if you can win it. I was like, ”F— it. I hate it here? from day 1.

But yet you chose to go back.
If you get an All-Star bid, you gotta take that. But day 1, I was like, ”What the f—k am I doing back here?”

Were you and Diane in an alliance that you started before the show?
That’s one of the weird parts of Big Brother. Diane and I were absolute nemeses in Big Brother 5 and now she was on my side.

And the alliance?
The Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance? Sure, why not?

When I talked to Nakomis last week, she said a bunch of you guys all knew each other from hanging out in L.A. Were you friends with other contestants before you went in?
That’s not true. I stayed out in L.A. for a while and tried to make some things happen. I moved back to Illinois. I don’t talk to anyone from my season. I don’t care to. Just because you’re a bunch of weird people put in a house doesn’t mean you’re meant to be friends. Some people get into the whole Big Brother family thing. I don’t. It’s what it was. I just want to go back to where people are real.

Not a fan of L.A. I take it?
L.A. sucks. The entertainment industry sucks. I hate L.A. The traffic sucks.

You claim to be so over it all. Then why did you break down crying on your last day?
In Big Brother 5 I was playing for myself. If I let myself down I don’t care. But this time I was playing for Heidi and this 3-year old little girl. I wanted to do it for them. It’s not about Jase anymore. It’s about my family. So it kind of stung a little bit.

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