By Amy Ryan
Updated July 28, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Lindsay Lohan: Dan Steinberg/

Someday, perhaps, Lindsay Lohan will be more famous for her movie roles than for her off-camera drama, but events like this keep making that day seem a long way off. Today comes a report that James G. Robinson, a producer of Lohan’s currently shooting film Georgia Rule, doesn’t buy her publicist’s assertion that the actress missed a day of work earlier this week because she’d been so ”overheated and dehydrated” that she had to be briefly hospitalized. Robinson reportedly sent her and all her entourage this letter, posted at The Smoking Gun, threatening her with all manner of unnamed penalties if her ”discourteous, irresponsible, and unprofessional” behavior continues.
There’s actually something sweetly naive about Robinson’s letter, as if public shaming actually worked to curb bad celebrity behavior anymore. It’s even been tried on Lohan before, as Defamer notes. Doesn’t Robinson know that proper Hollywood etiquette is for everyone on the set to praise each other in public until after the movie opens and tanks? Then you may feel free to trash each other in public, and then allow another discreet interval of time to elapse before you announce your next project together.

PopWatch doesn’t know if Lohan has actually read the letter or what she thinks about it; her publicist hasn’t responded to our e-mailed and telephoned requests for comment. (The rep also gave no comment to People, which quotes one of La Lohans’ associates as saying, ”She hasn’t been crazy partying. In fact, I’ve never seen her so together.”) But I’m sure the actress has her reasons. Who knows, maybe she’s just avoiding the set because she’s creeped out about having to film a scene where she’s molested by that perv from The Crush.

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