By Scott Brown
Updated July 27, 2006 at 09:31 PM EDT

So you’re sitting in your cube, PopWatch minimized in case the boss comes by, a half-written flame addressed to me and my mother sitting on the browser, and you begin to murmur “SexyBack.” Softly, at first. Then with increasing volume and gusto. You want the hot new temp in consumer marketing to hear your “Sim-berlake.” But you don’t want her to know you want her to hear you.

Suddenly, out jumps a camera crew to solve your problem. You’re on a reality show! Just as you’d always suspected! You and the five other top singers in your office are going to Tinseltown, where you’ll compete with another team of office karaoke mavens! You’ve become swept up in The Singing Office! Now on pilot order from CBS! The temp is putty in your hands! Which is actually kind of gross when you think about it!

Singing Office is based on a successful Dutch format,” says this story, but remember, so is Paul Verhoeven — don’t raise your hopes too high. But in the pantheon of Wonderfully Dumb Reality Show Ideas, this sounds pretty durn wonderful. It’s like American Idol-meets-the-ropes-course-retreat: Performing with your coworkers is the ultimate trust fall. Trust me: Entertainment Weekly: The Musical is still in production, four years after it was unwisely announced at the tail end of an office Christmas party. (There’s a dispute about who’s going to sing the role of 1992 cover subject Sean Young — a certain Slezak won’t simply admit that he’s wrong for the part. Mike, you and I both know that only I can hit the top note in “I Wanna Be Catwoman!”)

[EDITOR’S NOTE TO SELF: Lower bloggers’ dosages.]