By Scott Brown
Updated July 25, 2006 at 08:40 PM EDT

So… I take it Superman Returns didn’t do it for you? Johnny Depp in a puffy shirt more your speed? OK, fair enough. Just realize that, due to your lack of enthusiasm, Supes is probably going to emo away again, meaning we’ll have to stop our own deli robberies. Don’t look for the irony: It’s just sad.

But if the media attention lavished on this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is any indication, superheroes aren’t quite finished at the box office. Leaving aside one or two members of the extended superfamily, here are some tidbits on the major players. And Aquaman.

1. Still waiting for that en-Venomed Spider-Man 3 Comic-con footage to leak? So are we. Sony’s done a bang-up job keeping the cameraphone bootlegs off YouTube. Until the Con preview is strategically “pirated” into cyberspace, here’s a not-awful fake to tide you over. (Though we should note: Raimi claims in the Con panel that James Franco’s Harry Osborn will NOT be going all Gobby in Spider-Man 3. So who’s riding that glider in the official trailer?)

2. Did you die a little inside when the young Aquaman series developed by Al Gough and Miles Millar didn’t get picked up by the CW? Yeah, me neither. But that’s not going to stop iTunes from selling the failed pilot — a first for both the download service and TV networks. Gough and Millar will be checking to see if nobody’s watching: For pilots, just as for vampires, death is only the beginning. Hey, if the nets are going to start selling failed pilots, serve me up some of that Young Macgyver! I want to see that first duct-tape epiphany.

3. For some, the possibility of a Justice League movie, animated or otherwise, would be the apotheosis of superherodom. That may be. But I’ve definitely found its nadir in this song from the allegedly and perpetually upcoming Batman musical. It may be the final word on comics adaptations. And on Western civilization in general.