By Michael Slezak
Updated July 24, 2006 at 06:35 PM EDT
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Desperate Housewives

Alan Sepinwall from the Star-Ledger caught up with Desperate Housewives‘ creator Marc Cherry at ABC’s press-tour party last week, and came away with some juicy spoilers. (Stop reading now if you want to head into the Sept. 24 season premiere completely blind.) A few of the new plot twists have me dreaming about a creative resurgence on Wisteria Lane, while a couple leave me worried the show’s not quite ready to emerge from its sophomore slump. What follows are three real story arcs Cherry is planning — and two fakes. See if you can tell the difference.

A. Gabrielle and Carlos will juggle the arrival of their baby (via surrogate Xiao-Mei) with a vicious divorce battle.

B. While visiting unconscious Mike in the hospital, Susan becomes”coma buddies” with a handsome stranger (Ryan Seacrest) whose wife isalso unresponsive.

C. Bree walks down the aisle with Kyle MacLachlan’s Orson, then realizes she doesn’t know a whole lot about him.

D. Lynette and Tom decide to open their own ad agency, transforming their formal sitting room into an office space.

E. Edie’s torso-baring nephew carries on the family tradition of bringing naughty hijinks to Wisteria Lane.

Alrighty, Housewives watchers, I’m pleased to report A. and E.are, in fact, 100 percent true; unfortunately, so is C., which meansBree is continuing her bewildering string of creepy-serious post-Rexromances. On the flip side, B. is only a half-truth, as Susan’s new palwill be played by Dougray Scott; and D., well, that’s merely a figmentof my imagination.

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