By Amy Ryan
Updated July 21, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

The band claims that the Butterscotch Stallion’s You, Me, and Dupree ripped off its plot and its title character’s name from their Grammy-winning song ”Cousin Dupree.” So how do they complain about it? By posting an open letter to brother Luke. (At least they didn’t file a lawsuit.) This letter has to be read to be believed. Actually it explains a lot; I realize now that the reason Walter Becker and Donald Fagen went 20 years between Gaucho and Two Against Nature wasn’t that they couldn’t stand each other anymore but rather that they’re both so lost in a delusional, hippie-vibe fog that they can barely string a coherent sentence together, let alone a set of song lyrics. No wonder they want to party with the Wilson brothers.