Nakomis, the latest houseguest to be ejected from ''Big Brother: All-Stars,'' talks about sexual harassment, power players, sleepers, and the pre-existing alliances

By Jessica Shaw
Updated July 21, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT

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In what was either the smartest or the stupidest move of the season, Kaysar and his alliance sent the cool-beans favorite, Nakomis, out of the Big Brother: All-Stars house. Now that she doesn’t have to worry about what she says out loud, Nakomis called EW to dish about Janelle’s intellect, Howie’s crush on Will, and why there were alliances long before the show started.

Nakomis, don’t take this the wrong way, but I knew we’d be talking today. I’m not happy about it, but I knew it.
Yeah, it sucks. I’m sorry I couldn’t represent all my Internet buddies and my fans better. But the way I see it, even though it sucks, is at least I get to see my family sooner.

You said on the show you think Kaysar made a mistake putting up you and Diane, but you’re such a great player that I wonder if it wasn’t the best strategic move he could have made.
It would have been good for him both ways, putting up Boogie and Will or putting up me and Diane. Speaking from me personally, I wish he would have put up Boogie and Will. But it’s cool. Definitely I think if I had more time to get adapted to the house and see where things were going, I could have done something.

It seems like these super-strong alliances were locked in within two seconds of moving in. Did that screw up your game?
I think that screwed me hard core. When [CBS] started saying the people in the 20 [who could be voted in for the all-star season], I didn’t realize how many of them were people who lived in L.A. Since most people live out here, they keep in contact with each other. Boogie and Will know each other, obviously, Diane and Marcellas, all the season 6 people. Everyone seemed to know everyone. Danielle’s been to Kaysar’s apartment. I was like, ”Wow. I’m the outsider.” It made things really hard.

I had no idea they all knew each other. That kind of changes the rules.
I know. If I had known, I would have kept in touch with all of them.

Maybe it was all in CBS’ editing, but for a while there it looked like you might be staying. Why did the season 6 group decide to vote against you?
I know James and Howie see they can’t manipulate me. They can’t hold me down. That’s why a lot of people didn’t vote for me. I think that sucks. Because I’m a strong player and a strong-willed woman, that’s one of the things that did me in. Erika you can convince to do things. Janelle you can convince to do things. You can’t wall me up. You can’t contain me. You can’t hold me up. I’ll tell you what I’m doing, but you can’t stop me from doing things.

Kaysar seems to play that way too, in that he doesn’t lie to people. But he keeps changing his mind, which is almost as annoying.
He’ll let you know what’s going on. He was very up front with me after nominations. I went up to him and said, ”Straightforward answer: Which one of us do you want out?” And he said, ”I want you out because you’re a strong player. You play like I do. That’s intimidating.” But then it was, ”I want you in the house.” Then ”I want you out.” People can’t seem to make up their minds this season.

Still, you seemed to know you’re were out long before Julie announced it.
I knew it from the second the veto wasn’t used — just because Diane has so many friends in the house already, people she keeps in contact with. It’s very hard. It’s like you’re working in a room full of strangers and they all know each other. How do you prepare yourself for a strategy when everyone’s all buddy-buddy?

In light of that, do you regret forming an alliance with Diane?
No, I needed someone. No one else would talk game because everyone was too afraid of Chilltown and the season 6 alliance. I was like, ”Damn. If I don’t have Diane, I have no type of alliance at all. I might as well chill with Diane.”

Do you think Diane and Jase are involved in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance?
I’m not really sure. I would hope not. That would be bad on Diane’s part, because I don’t think Jase can be trusted as far as I could throw him. But stranger things have happened on the show.

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