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By Michael Endelman
Updated July 21, 2006 at 04:00 AM EDT


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Feedback from our readers

Girl of Summer Lovin’
I can’t believe you named Jessica Alba your ”Must Girl of Summer” (The Must List). Shouldn’t she be every year’s ”Girl for All Seasons”?
Chris Sperou
Marlborough, Mass.

Just what qualifications does Jessica Alba have that make her your ”Must Girl of Summer”? She’s only been in one good movie — Sin City — and she was just a small part of the sprawling and talented cast. It seemed that even writer Benjamin Svetkey had a difficult time justifying the choice of Alba. The discussion of her looks played such a big part in the article that I felt like I’d picked up a teen magazine instead of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. I love EW, but any of the other 112 items on this year’s Must List would have been more cover-worthy, especially The Office‘s hilarious and gifted Rainn Wilson.
Danielle Schultz
West Bend, Wis.

Words’ Worth
As a longtime subscriber, I really enjoyed the inclusion of a crossword puzzle in the Must List issue. I realize that you were showcasing the talents of the New York Times crossword editor Mr. Will Shortz, but perhaps EW could begin including an entertainment-themed crossword puzzle, if not weekly, then periodically, maybe as part of your rotating back-page section?
Kevin Lynch
Upper Darby, Pa.

Cut to the Chase
For more than a decade, I have waited for a follow-up to Clifford Chase’s heart-wrenching memoir The Hurry-Up Song. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw his debut novel, Winkie, featured in your double issue (Must List Books). I picked up the book the very next day, and I am in awe of this strange, hypnotic tale that is surreal, poignant, humorous, sobering, and ultimately…illuminating.
Scott Travis
Portland, Ore.

Rainn Shines
Thanks for your piece on Rainn Wilson (Must List Television). I’ve wanted to ”rub heads” with this dude (and his awesome sideburns) ever since his turn as Arthur Martin on Six Feet Under. It’s nice to finally see a talented actor get his due.
Erin Bulea
Columbus, Ohio

Rank Caller
How can Ken Tucker rank M*A*S*H as the third-best movie-to-TV translation (Television)? Based on its longevity (11 seasons, years of syndication), critical success (14 Emmys, 109 Emmy nominations), and popular success, one could argue that M*A*S*H is the best TV show ever. Ranking Buffy the Vampire Slayer ahead of M*A*S*H on any list is a bit like ranking Tommy Boy ahead of Casablanca.
Ed Greenberger
Washington, D.C.

We misspelled the last name of Laguna Beach creator Liz Gateley (Must List Television).

Number of readers who disliked the ”blurry” photos of Jessica Alba

Number of readers who are sick of EW wasting space on Snakes on a Plane — a movie that is ”generating buzz solely because it has one of the dumbest titles in recent memory”


Geret Coates of Winnipeg, Manitoba, claims to have met Oxygen’s new match-breaker Shannen Doherty three times — and survived with nary a scratch. ”She has never been the beer-bottle-on-car-smashing woman that she has been made out to be in the tabloids,” says Coates. ”Shannen could break up my relationship anytime!” Better your relationship than your car…just saying!

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