The Lost Experience may be the worst thing that ever happened to Lost. Follow my reasoning here: TV shows need advertising dollars to survive, right? And advertisers buy time on TV shows because they are watched by people who can presumably buy their products, right? So what happens when people like me lose our jobs — and therefore lose the salaries with which we buy those aforementioned products — because we are wasting our employers’ time and Internet access surfing Experience sites looking for updates and emailing tips and theories to each other? That’s right, kids: Those advertisers will stop advertising on Lost because our viewership, however substantial, will be rendered meaningless to them, and therefore Lost will get cancelled. My logic here is unimpeachable! Do not assail it! Lost is doomed! Way to go, Lost Experience creator people. Way to freakin’ go.

All to say: we have more TLE updates for you.

Rachel Blake (pictured) has posted a new vid blog at As always, if you don’t want to do the searching yourself, visit our friends at for directions. It’s a modest update but rasies delicious questions. What does Rachel’s mom have to do with her quest? Who is the mysterious “he” (Alvar Hanso? The leader of The Others?), and why does “he” want to help Rachel? How has this Hanso goon “erased” people? Could these people include the Lost castaways? And will the key Rachel has received unlock the answers to thes questions?

DOC JENSEN ‘TLE’ TIP: The answer to the last question is YES. I also think we should keep our eyes peeled for at least one more communication from Rachel very soon. And then, right after that, [CENSORED BY THE HANSO FOUNDATION].

In other TLE news:

DJ Dan has updated his conspriacytracking website with two new videos — commericals for The HansoFoundation that promote Hanso’s “life extension” and “mathematicalforecasting” initiatives.

DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: It’s the Garden of Eden hypothesis.What does The Bible tell us about what happened after Adam and Eve atethe apple? Death entered the world, and life would become marked byhardship and chaos. Seems to me that these two Hanso initiatives aremeans of finding scientific ways of restoring mankind, and the world,back to its pre-fall condition. “Life extension” is about cheatingdeath; “mathematical forecasting” is about eliminating disorder. If theisland is a mythical wellspring of life — in other words, Eden — thenI wonder if Hanso thought he could fix the world by introducing anantidote into its sin-poisoned waters. In other words: The world is acomputer that’s been compromised by a vrius (original sin); The Numbersis a fix, and it’s being distributed around the world throughelectromagnetic energy. [NOT CENSORED BY THE HANSO FOUNDATION, BECAUSETHAT’S JUST HILARIOUSLY STUPID.]

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