By Jeff Jensen
Updated July 19, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT


  • TV Show promised major developments in The Lost Experience this week in the wake of Rachel Blake‘s possibledeath last Friday — and, whaddyaknow, things are developing. Fret not, Rachel crushers: The intrepidinvestigator survived the assassination attempt on her life, and seemsto have made a new ally in the process, a presumed villain who ispromising her answers to a great many questions. Our Experience sourcesindicate that the intelligence Rachel’s about to get is must-know infofor all Lost fans. To view Rachel’s newest vid blog, you have to travela circuitous path; we suggest clicking over for directions.

DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY:Rachel Blake is being duped. The secret Hanso history that she is”exposing” is actually an elaborate fiction created by the Foundation,and she’s been tricked into investigating. Why? To take all of us for aride — a ride with a destination. The mystery is the bait; its ultimateanswer is a trap. Rachel’s fans/audience are being lured toward…something. I suspect either a world-changing psychic event, accompaniedby a blast of electromagnetic light, or… the season premiere ofLost, which ABC announced today would occur on Oct. 4.

In other developments: It appears thata key Lost Experience website may be on the verge of being retired.For over a month, the strange psychic-dog website retrieversoftruth.comhoused a secret message board comprised of Verizon employees worriedabout possible corruption of their beloved company by The HansoFoundation. Until recently, the passsword that accessed the messageboard was POLAR BEAR. Now, you only get a prompt for an email address.Comply, and you get an e-letter from RoT founder Dr. Vincent “Wally”Bole that thanks RoT supporters for their patronage and speaksambiguously of “change.” Sounds like a “Closed for business” notice tome. If so, head over to RoT NOW if you haven’t already to read some ofthe site’s crazy content.

DOC JENSEN INSTA-THEORY: Has Hanso/Dharmabeen telepathically manipulating the Oceanic 815 castaways via Walt’spsychic dog Vincent? Whatever — I gotta run. My dog tells me he wantsto go for a walk. He’s also suggesting I change my phone service.Hmmm…

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