July 18, 2006 at 12:00 PM EDT

Sex and the City

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No matter how bad summer TV gets, there’s always vintage Sex and the City to help you avoid hateful tasks like cleaning out the spare closet (which I promise I’ll get to this weekend) or balancing the old checkbook (outlook: not very promising). Now, starting tonight from 9-10 p.m. EDT, TBS adds some extra spice to its tasty SATC reruns by interspersing interviews with five of the show’s memorable men — Blair Underwood (pictured, with Cynthia Nixon), Evan Handler, Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, and Willie Garson — throughout its back-to-back episodes.

This got me thinking about the rarely discussed men of SATC, both the good and the bad. My all-time favorite has to be Eigenberg’s raspy-voiced nice-guy Steve, who adored prickly Miranda even in her most neurotic moments, yet called her on her craziness when she needed it. (And don’t all of us not-so-secretly want that?) In Eigenberg’s hands, Steve was funny and charming, a little bit strange, and pretty much irresistible; can anyone tell me why the guy hasn’t landed a leading-man role in a network dramedy since SATC left the airwaves? (Thankfully, one of the series’ best one-episode suitors, Daniel Sunjata — the Fleet Week hunk who almost stole Carrie’s heart in season 5 — has fared better; he’s now starring as Rescue Me‘s Franco Rivera.)

On the flip side, unlike most of my friends, I always found John Corbett’s furniture-making Aidan utterly intolerable. His faux-folksy style and lingering aura of fatherly disapproval seemed to me to fit Carrie’s life about as well as a pool table in a Manhattan studio apartment, so needless to say, her rejection of his marry-me-now ultimatum in front of that fountain filled me with unspeakable glee. Of course, I think Ms. Bradshaw should’ve ended the series single — and fabulous — but that’s another blog item altogether.

Back to the subject at hand, which SATC men did you love the most, and which turned you off altogether?

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