By Amy Ryan
Updated August 03, 2020 at 07:38 PM EDT

It looks like Star Jones’ former seat at The View will continue to see more booty than Wilmer Valderrama through at least September, as the parade of guest hosts will continue until Rosie O’Donnell comes aboard in September as Meredith Vieira’s replacement. But we already know who Rosie herself favors for the job: yesterday’s winning temp, Kellie Pickler. As she put it so poetically on her free-verse blog, ”THAT KID/TODAY ON THE VIEW/PERFECTION!!!/TRIPLE LOVE HER.” Alas, Kellie’s new record deal, which she announced on the show yesterday, will probably keep her too busy to be the new Star (or, dare we dream, the new Hasselbot). Maybe Rosie can still book Kellie to sing on one of her cruises, where she can teach the ingenue all about calamari. Meantime, who else among the recent guest hosts, or among guest hosts yet to be, deserves to take Star’s place and win Rosie’s Triple Love?

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